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I absolutely adore what Sheryl Chee has done with Leliana over the course of the series and I’m so excited to see more. Sheryl has such a talent for making characters that wiggle their way into my heart. My friends and I like to joke that Leliana never loved us but I think that’s just our very odd way of saying that we’ll always love Leliana. <3

Dragon Age: Asunder – Paving the Way For Dragon Age 3 (REVIEW)

Fan art for the Nerd Appropriate review of Dragon Age: Asunder. I managed to save a couple of WIP versions while I was working on it so I thought I would post the whole process for fun.

Evangeline is easily one of my all time favorite characters from Thedas so I would be thrilled to see her show up in future Dragon Age projects. 

Bioware Bang

My contribution to the Bioware Bang event that’s been going on LJ. I had the most fun drawing Sten but that’s just because of my weird fixation with drawing Qunari. The figure in the middle is the Dalish Warden from the fic that this accompanies :) 

The original is around 2500 pixels wide so if you’re interested in a larger version just drop me a message in my ask box.

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